Mayor’s Message


Welcome to the historic Town of Ferryland – site of the Colony of Avalon and one of the oldest settlements in North America. Ferryland is recognized as a major regional service center with many government offices and services available. While we have traditionally made our living from the sea, our community has focused on new sustainable development in tourism based on our natural and heritage resources and the Colony of Avalon is recognized as one of th premier attractions in Newfoundland and Labrador.

We are a vibrant town with an active volunteer community. Our proximity to the capital city of St. John’s (just 50 minutes south on Route 10) makes Ferryland a prime location where you can enjoy the best of both worlds – access to all the city has to offer within a reasonable commute along with a peaceful rural community with all the services you require. Ferryland is an ideal place to visit and hopefully stay.

Whether you are just visiting or plan to stay awhile, we hope you take a moment to learn more about Ferryland and what it has to offer. Please visit our website at or contact us at the information provided.


Adrian Kavanagh