Founded by Lord Baltimore in 1621, Ferryland is not only one of the most historic communities in Newfoundland, but  in all of North America. It would be difficult to find a place with more natural tourist appeal and historic significance. Here too, was the birthplace of religious tolerance and freedom of worship in the New World. Incorporated in 1971, Ferryland now has a population of just over 500 people.

Considered to be the government service center of the Southern Shore, Ferryland has numerous businesses and organizations including medical and police facilities. It also is the anchor for tourism with the Colony of Avalon Archaeology Dig Site/Interpretation Centre. The town recently passed its 2018 budget , and is predicting future growth and stabilization.


Ferryland has the greatest potential to develop as a major tourism destination, and plans to move forward with leadership, commitment and appropriate development. As long as history is important, Ferryland has a rightful place and as long as tourism is important, Ferryland has a bright future.